234 mile footrace through desert, canyons, slick rock, two mountain ranges surrounded by Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

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The Moab 200 Endurance Run is a 200+ mile footrace

through some of Utah's most stunning and challenging terrain. 

WHERE: Begins and ends in Moab, Utah

DATE: October 13-17, 2017

DISTANCE: 234.3 miles

CUT OFF: 112 hours (11pm Oct 17) with 30,011ft ascent

COURSE DESIGN: Just one huge single loop, no repetition

PARTICIPANTS: Solo, non-stop footrace. Runners may have

a pacer after mile 60. Pacers are optional but not necessary. 

Registration Opens April 7th @ 8AM PST


Some say 200 is the new 100, we say 234 is. . . #seeyouinmoab

Registration Now Open

Photos on this site of Moab by Ray Sena. Other photos by Howie Stern, Scott Rokis, and Glenn Tachiyama.