Race Dates: October 8-12, 2021

2021 Registration opens January 1, 2021        


240 mile footrace through desert, canyons, slick rock, two mountain

ranges surrounded by Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

In the case of excessive snow in the la sal mtns:

These are route details in the case there is excessive snow in the 13,000ft high La Sal Mountains. This route will only be used if the race deems the original route to be unsafe. The course would be rerouted just before Pole Canyon Aid station to avoid the deepest and most dangerous snow sections in the La Sal Mountains. In 2018, due to large snow storms a small section of the race was rerouted, a possibility any year. We take runner safety seriously and it is our number one concern at all times. Here are the reroute details:


Sections affected: Rd 46 (mile 166.7) to Pole Canyon (now mile 182.4 instead of 184.4). Section is just 2 miles shorter AND Pole Canyon to Oowah Lake (mile 201.6), section is now 3.7 miles longer, see details.

Our race map, updated:https://caltopo.com/m/1PU1 the yellow line is the new route. The aid station is just down the road another 2 miles for crew, but 2 miles sooner for runners, crew will follow the same driving directions as before but go 2 miles farther. We do not recommend this aid station for crewing if you do NOT have 4x4 high clearance!


**Pole Canyon to Oowah Lake is now 21 miles with 5,679ft of gain and 5517ft loss. Before it was 17.3 miles with +5895 and -5568

**Aid station has moved 2 miles closer to Rd 46 aid, so the distance from Rd 46 to Pole Canyon will now be 15.6 miles instead of 17.6 miles.

**We are working on seeing if we can get a new aid station halfway on this segment around mile 10. It depends on the road conditions. We will update you tomorrow as soon as possible. If we do add one it will be minimal, but will give runners some options on that long and difficult section.