COVID-19 Guidelines

2020 Moab 240 Endurance Run Race Guidelines

​These guidelines are not optional, they are required for participation this year. 

The COVID19 pandemic requires that we implement a plan so that everyone visiting for the race, everyone helping at the race, and everyone in Moab, Utah is protected. The health of everyone involved is our utmost priority. Our permits require a stringent COVID mitigation plan that follows direction from Grand County, City of Moab and the CDC. 

Runner and their crew/family/friends must follow these guidelines exactly. 

We ask anyone not willing to follow the guidelines to not come to the race. Runners who do not follow these rules-- or if their crew breaks these rules-- will be DQ'd

Additional guidelines and/or protocols may be added before race day.  We will communicate these via email and on our Facebook page if any changes occur. 

Important Guidelines:

Pre-Race (the weeks before traveling and before the race)

2 weeks before the race to race day: Please stay home if you have any COVID19 like symptoms or have been exposed to the virus or around someone diagnosed: cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea. Learn more at the CDCPlease make an effort to avoid large gatherings and public places whenever possible so as to decrease your chances of contracting the virus in the weeks before the race.

Pre and Post Race 

All race participants, crew, family and friends are required to wear face coverings in public places in Moab, Utah and at the race headquarters, start finish, and in aid stations. Your crew is considered your "family" and they are not required to wear masks when driving or more than 6' from other non-family (non-crew) people. 

Pre-Race Check In & Medical Check

All participants will have temperature checked and go through medical check before getting their bib number and checking in. Medical check is mandatory and must be done on Thursday, Oct 8. Runners with fever will not be able to run.

All participants will be required to wear a mask when checking in.

At check in runners will be separated into time slots, please see the following spreadsheet for your race check in time and start time

Start Line

Participants are required to keep 6' social distancing whenever possible and wear masks. When race spreads out adequately no mask is required. 

On the Trail

All runners wear face coverings from the start until enough social distancing is established.
Runners should communicate when interacting on the trail. While runners are passing each other on the trail, they should communicate to maintain social distancing (step off trail) or can put on face coverings.

Aid Stations

Runners that are filling bottles and eating food must sanitize hands before entering each AS. Hand sanitizer will be supplied.
Runners that are just going to their crew vehicle or that do not need to fill bottles, eat food, or perform any other stop in the aid station can just run through without having to sanitize hands.  If you have crew supplying you, you can do this before or after the aid station boundaries.
All runners wear face covering in aid stations.

  • Aid station volunteers will not touch your bottles, hydration packs, trash. Runners are not allowed to touch water/SSN calorie dispensers.  A volunteer will dispense the liquid as you place the container below the spigot.
  • All aid station food will be placed on the food table in self-serve paper containers, baggies or be packaged. Take the ones you want. Dispose of the container in the trash bag located at the edge of the station. All paper containers will be recycled.
  • All crew wear face coverings while crewing along the course.
  • Only 1 crew allowed in aid station boundaries at a time if grabbing items for runner, if not grabbing items for runner please stay out of aid station boundary.  Runners can be crewed just before or just after the Aid station by crew.
  • All volunteers will be adhering to special guidelines to protect themselves and runners (e.g. regular disinfecting of surfaces, social distancing, face coverings, etc.).

Sleep Stations 

Sleep stations will no longer be providing blankets, air mattresses and tents due to COVID19. We will have canopies and (limited number) cots that we will sanitize that can be used for sleeping areas/medical emergencies, but runners are expected to have a drop bag with a sleeping bag, sleeping pad & warm clothes for sleep stations. We will move your SLEEP STATION drop bag to ALL sleep stations so you do not need more than one sleep station drop bag. Please see runner manual for info on drop bags.

*Some runners may have a crew vehicle they sleep in, in which case they may not need a sleep station drop bag.

It's recommended that runners pack their own tent in this sleep station drop bag as well-- in the case of inclement weather. Runners will need to set up their own tents (unless they can wrangle crew to do it for them). Many runners take "trail naps" trailside during the day to avoid sleeping during the freezing nights. Always pack a down jacket, pants, hat and gloves. We also highly recommend carrying an emergency bivy - they are quite warm!

Finish Line

All runners must wear face covering after crossing the finish line so you can receive your finishing awards

All participants, crew and family are required to maintain social distancing from non-family (non-crew) people.

Please bring your own chairs & blankets at the finish line if you can. We will have chairs for runners as well

Face Coverings:

Click here for the CDC information on masks

Research studies have found that the primary method of SARS-CoV-2 transmission is most efficiently via mouth droplets

Please bring a supply of face coverings, we will have a limited supply on site.

240 mile footrace through desert, canyons, slick rock, two mountain

ranges surrounded by Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

Race Dates: October 9-13, 2020 

2021 Registration opens January 1, 2021